Vet Bios U -Z

Veteran Biographies U – Z

There is plenty of room on this page for a picture and/or service record of your Cattaraugus County Civil War ancestor. Email your image and a short service record, together with your name and residence, to CAMP at: Need help with sending the image or with the service record? Please ask. We may be able to help! Is your Civil War ancestor pictured in the Memorial Building Dedication Photo? Let us know that, too!\

White, Truman opt

1st Lt. Truman C. White, 10th NY Cavalry. Enlisted September 30, 1861 at Otto, NY; 21 years old; mustered in as private Co. D, 10th NY Cavalry, October 1, 1861, to serve three years; appointed quartermaster sergeant, August 5, 1862; appointed first sergeant, March 4, 1863; mustered as first lieutenant, October 2, 1863; re-enlisted December 18, 1863; transferred to Co. K March 10, 1864; wounded at Stony Creek, Va., December 1, 1864; transferred June 24, 1865 to Co. K, 1st NY Provisional Cavalry.

Charles Williams opt

Charles Williams, Landsman, USN, entered into service in Erie, PA, died in the line of duty on January 16, 1865 in Memphis, TN. He was the 18 year-old son of Simeon and Prudenda Williams of Franklinville, NY He is buried in the National Cemetery in Memphis. Courtesy of Mark Williams