CAMP Receives Last Minute Poll Responses

October 22, 2015

CAMP Chairman, Tom Stetz, received 3 more Memorial Building Poll responses from 2015 Cattaraugus County Legislative Candidates on the deadline date, October 21, 2015. The responses were from: New Candidate Karen Fenner, New Candidate Joseph Boberg and New Candidate Dianne Ball.

CAMP has received 9 responses from a field of 26 Legislative Candidates.

The last of the candidates’ responses appear below:

New Candidate Karen Fenner, District 3:

—–Original Message—– From: Karen Fenner
Sent: Wednesday, October 21, 2015 8:37 PM
Subject: C.A.M.P.

Dear Tom,
I am writing to you in response to your letter regarding the Civil War
memorial in Little Valley. I was unaware until I tried to do a little
research on this that the memorial was scheduled for demolition. What
information I was able to get did not really touch on the extent of damage
or needed repair to keep this landmark intact. I am surprised that little or
no effort is being put forth to keep it and or reuse it.
I am interested in exploring avenues to preserve this as a historic
landmark. I believe with a coordinated effort this should be able to be
preserved for what it was intended to be, a memorial to Civil War soldiers
and Sailors. I am curious if you could tell me what avenues have been
explored and what responses has your group gotten? As someone who grew up in
this area and spent most of my adult life here I have to admit until I got
your letter I was unaware of this memorial. It’s a shame it has been so
I think at this time I would have to say that I am in favor of
Cattauragus County working with C.A.M.P. and other organizations to
preserve, rehabilitate and maintain the Memorial Building.
Thank you so much for contacting me on this issue.

Karen Fenner
Candidate for Cattauragus County Legislator, District 3

New Candidate Joseph Boberg, District 2:

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Joseph Boberg #5New Candidate Dianne Ball, Dist #5:

Dianne Ball #13