CAMP Receives First Legislative Candidates’ Responses

Responses to CAMP’s legislative candidates poll have already started to come in. Each of the responses that have been received so far appear below. They were sent in from: New Candidate Barbara J. Hastings, Incumbent Candidate James J. Snyder, New Candidate Richard F. Helmich, Jr. and Incumbent Candidate Linda Edstrom.

We will post other responses from other Legislative Candidates as they come into CAMP Chairman, Thomas Stetz.

(Please Click Images to Enlarge)

New Candidate Barbara Hastings, District 6:

Barbara Hastings #16

Incumbent Candidate James Snyder, District 8:

James Snyder #26

New Candidate Richard Helmich, District 2:

Richard Hemlich #4

Incumbent Candidate Linda Edstrom, District 8 :

Linda Edstrom #25