Walking William Shuttleworth was Honored in Little Valley, NY on May 31, 2019 at the Memorial Building.

William Shuttleworth, who is walking coast-to-coast for homeless veterans walked onto the Memorial grounds on May 31st promptly at 3 PM as promised. He was greeted with loud cheers by a small crowd of CAMPers, Catt Co citizens, Veterans of Foreign Wars Commanders, the  Catt Co Veteran Service Director and one of the candidates who is running for NY State Senator.

Each of the various officials and the candidate welcomed Shuttleworth to Little Valley and spoke about the need for greater awareness of important veteran issues. When they were done Shuttleworth addressed the audience. He spoke about the impetus for his decision to walk approximately 3,600 miles to raise awareness for homeless veterans and veterans in general.

Shuttleworth also assured the crowd that 100% of funds that are donated to his Go Fund Me account will go to homeless veterans and other veterans who are in need.

He also spoke about the serious issues homeless and other veterans face upon their return home. CAMP supports Shuttleworth’s efforts as he is aligned with CAMP’s efforts to preserve the memory of the service to our country by almost 3,500 Civil War veterans.

CAMP hosted Shuttleworth for the night by providing him with a substantial hot meal, a hot shower and comfortable lodging provided by CAMP Vice President, John Scarano.

CAMP Vice President, John Scarano, dropped Shuttleworth off at the Memorial Building early Saturday morning, June 1, 2019, where Shuttleworth struck out once again to continue his 3,600 mile trek.



William Shuttleworth as he approaches the Memorial Building in Little Valley, NY on May 31, 2019

William Shuttleworth addressing the crowd at the Memorial Building.

Left to Right: CAMP President Tom Stetz, Catt Co Veteran Services Director Steve McCord, VFW Commander Danny Williams, William Shuttleworth, CAMP Vice President John Scarano and VFW Commander Joel Vanik.

William Shuttleworth and NY State Senator Candidate Austin Morgan.

William Shuttleworth leaving the Catt Co Parking Lot on June 1, 2019 to resume his cross country walk.

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